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all registered and paid delegates will have free access to all events: the daily concerts, parties, opening and closing ceremony, special concerts on Friday night, Carmina rehearsals, City stage performances etc. 

The only exclusion is the boat tour on the lake Starnberg that will take place during the lake side party on Thursday evening  and the guided city tours (every day from 10am till noon). For this (extra) events there will be a ticket sale in September in the Integraplanner (boat trip 15 euro, guided city tour 8 euro). But you have to be a registered delegate to purchase this extra tickets.

We will sell tickets to the public audience for the choir concerts (day passes), the two special concerts on Friday night and the Saturday final party ("Gasteig clubbing"). The prices are not fixed till now and also not the ticket selling start date (not before January 2018).

not-registered companions of the singers can purchase these tickeets also and can access in addition the following free events: lake side party in Starnberg on Thursday night, the daily city stage performances, the cultural street event and Carmina performance at Odeonsplatz at Saturday evening.

Due to the high number of registered delegates the opening and closing ceremony will be closed events for the registered delegates only.