"Payments are by Paypal only. Unfortunately the former known guest payment by paypal (without your own Paypal account) is no longer possible due to regulations in Germany. We ask for your understanding. We apologize for the inconvenience but please remember that we work as volunteers and want to avoid manual single bookings of thousands of participants. We are sure that there will be sufficient support within the choirs / ensembles to master this "barrier"."

Please note that the owner of the paypal account and the delegate doesn't need to be the same - payments can be made by other persons than the delegate. The easiest way is when both do the registration together. If there is no chance for that, you can send an email to "projektgruppe-registrierung@various-voices.de" with the name of the delegate and the name of the paypal owner. Both need a festival account already and the delegate has to do the registration process till the end (stopping at the paypal-button). We will connect then the payment of the delegate to the paypal owner. He will find in his festival account an open invoice of the delegate that can be paid by him.

Please execute your PayPal-payment only within the integraplaner!