There are no extra costs if it's needed to transfer a reservation to the name of an other person. Only cancellations will be charged. For more details look up "Terms and Conditions" in section cancellation/transfers

For the free transfer of registrations we established "Marketplace" where you can offer your registartion for sale in the Integraplaner and to transfer it to another person -  within your own choir or to any other person. This person has first to register and create it's own account at Various Voices.

You find the Marketplace after you click on the Registration-Button.

This works similar to Ebay: you offer your registration for public sale. Other people (who, of course, must have set up an Integraplanner account before) can then see this offer and show their interest. You will be informed about this by e-mail, and you will be able to decide whom you like give your registration. You have to agree with the buyer about the payment formalities (this is NOT be done via the Integra Planner, but you have to agree directly with each other), you can transfer your registration irrevocably to the desired person.

Plese note, that tickets for the guided city tours and the boat tours can't be refunded but they are transferable through the marketplace to others.