Sorry, this part is kind of hidden: Go to "Administrator dashboard" and further to the button "Organisation details". Then scroll down to the very bottom to find the upload area (only visible for choir admins).

You'll find our form in the administrator dashboad with the button "Questionnaire for choir presentation in the media". Please fill in there your data.
Please upload your choir logo and some good pics for our press presentations. You can find the upload area in the administrator dashboard with the button "organisation details": scrole there to the very bottom to find the upload area for file attachements. Some persons report to us, that the upload doesn't work: we can't find out why it works for some and for some not. In case you can't submit your files you can send them by email to <>.
next to the upload area there is also a field for a short biography (around 40 words). Please write there also your entry.