There will be two separate Space Concerts, the first one at 6:00 pm and the second one will start at 9:00 pm. The special acts like Conchita Wurst will perform in both concerts but a separate set of choirs will perform in each concert (10 choirs per concert). This set-up is due to the fact that we have approx. 2700 delegates and the philharmonie holds 2400 people. We wanted to give most delegates the oppornunity to see one of the concerts life but also be able to sell tickest to the public.
The schedule for the space concerts is as follows:
all choirs for the concert should be backstage and ready when the concert begins, thus the plan to meet and go to the dressing rooms about an hour prior to concert start (meeting at 7:50 pm to be in the dressing room at 8 pm). You won't have to sit in the dressing room waiting for your slot, the plan is to have you placed in the Carl-Orff -Saal where the concert will be broadcast. The choir buddies and stage managers will come to pick you up in time for your slot. And for the Grand Finale with Conchita.